These are some of the products that our yoga instructors have found helpful to their practices.
Purchases made online may be picked up at the studio.


Please visit our in-studio boutique, for a plethora of additional items that will enhance your yoga practice as well as your yoga life off the mat, including Himalayan salt lamps in a variety of sizes, incense, sage, epsom salts, paolo alto sticks, Liquido and other clothing, BYoga mats and towels, hot yoga towels, eye and neck pillows, crystals and more!

B MATs ($88)

Tuning into your practice and finding your flow has never been so effortless. The 100% rubber, ultra grippy B MAT gives you the security and stability you need when moving from posture to posture.

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Dowels ($15)

The dowel can be used for support and stability as well as a self-massage tool, to aid with tissue softening and alignment in postures. Your instructors at Yoga Light Studio can show you all the different ways using dowels can benefit your yoga experience.

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2 – Cork/Wood Blocks ($35/$40)

The block lengthens, strengthens, and supports so you can enhance and deepen your yoga practice. Lightweight yet solid and made of 100% cork/wood, the block’s tapered edges work with you to take your practice to the next level.

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Halfmoon Cotton Yoga Blanket ($50)

For your yoga practice and beyond. Handloomed in India, this blanket provides gentle cushioning, support and warmth. Extremely versatile, you can roll it like a bolster, add height to your block, fold it for seated poses and shoulder stand, and use it as a cozy layer for Savasana. Woven with flat selvage edges, it folds flat and stacks evenly making it the yoga blanket of choice for all levels and styles.

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