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Teaching & Incorporating Dowel & Self-Massage Techniques into Led Classes and Your Own Daily Regimen:

With David Bruni!

Time & Location

Dates and Times in Description!
Yoga Light Studio, 51 Jevlan Drive, Woodbridge, ON, Canada


This unique training will focus on highly effective, yet very simple techniques to quickly soften the muscles and tendons and sooth the superficial nervous system, using a dowel (or comparable items) and other props. Doweling is a form of self-therapy used to loosen layers of tension and stress that lie beneath the surface of the skin. The sensations created by the dowel are similar to receiving a massage, but the individual remains in control of the pressures applied.

This training is divided into 3 sessions, each of which will focus on different areas of the body, with specific guidance regarding the muscle/tissue groups being affected, benefits and contradictions. A 4th session will recap and refine the techniques learned, with a special focus on things yoga instructors need to know. When the studio reopens, a 5 th session will be added for Teacher Trainees.

Some basic yoga postures will also be incorporated into the sessions, with an exploration of why specific yoga postures should follow tissue-softening for specific areas. Participants will finish the training with knowledge about how and when to incorporate the learned techniques into yoga classes, and/or one’s own daily self-care regimen.

This training is open to students of all levels, no prior experience required. It is also part of Yoga Light Studio’s 300 Hour Teacher Training registered with Yoga Alliance, and all training hours can be credited towards that certification (Teacher Trainees will be required to teach one class for this training).

Dowel Kits can be ordered from the studio in advance for use in the workshop (but not required – see below).

This online training will take place using Zoom (please download it in advance – it’s free). All participants will be required to keep their microphones and video cameras on, to allow the Instructor to view and speak to participants.

Dowel Kits:

A dowel kit consists of a dowel (a rod approx. 2 feet in length and made of wood), 2 railings (rectangular shaped); and 2 blocks/optional. Kits can be ordered by emailing the studio and a contactless pick up time can be arranged.

1 dowel plus 2 railings: $30 + HST ($20 if purchased with the workshop series)

1 dowel plus 2 railings and 2 blocks: $55 ($35 if purchased with the workshop series)


Friday, June 5, 7-9:30pm (upper body)

Saturday, June 6, 2-5pm (lower body)

Friday, June 12, 7-9:30pm (neck & shoulders + full body overview)

Saturday, June 13, 2-5:30pm plus 1 in-studio date TBA (Teacher Trainees only–included in Teacher Trainee Tuition for full course – see Teacher Training Page)


Friday, June 5, 7-9:30pm (upper body) - $45 per person / $60 per family

Saturday, June 6, 2-5pm (lower body) - $45 per person / $65 per family

Friday, June 12, 7-9:30pm (neck & shoulders + full body overview) - $45 per person /$60 per family

$120 for all 3 dates, per person

$175 for all 3 dates, per family

*All prices are plus HST

*For family pricing please contact the studio

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