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Yoga Light Studio

Living Meditation with Amanda Vitaro

An Afternoon of Learning, Healing & Growth

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Living Meditation with Amanda Vitaro
Living Meditation with Amanda Vitaro

Time & Location

New Dates Coming Soon

Yoga Light Studio, 51 Jevlan Dr #2, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8C2, Canada


During meditation, the individual trains the mind to acknowledge it’s content without becoming identified with that content. Living Meditation is an approach that can aid anyone who is looking to make the most out of life or navigate challenges on his/her path. Whether you’re ready to start a daily 45 minute practice or just learn some tools to shift your mood when you need to, Living Meditation is an excellent resource, as its essential factor is its application to conscious living.

In this afternoon of learning, healing and growing, we will explore yoga in its entirety, through asana, discussion, contemplation, and meditation. Yoga is a never ending process of transformation. It is the healing of ourselves to be joined back with our natural state of loving kindness. Transformation happens when you take the time to explore the vast depths of yourself. But in the modern yoga world, a large emphasis has been put on the physical practice, while dimming the light and significance of all of the other practices that yoga involves. While important, there is so much more healing that come from going beyond a physical practice. When we take it to the next stage of taking time to sit down and go inward, your deepest most subtle energies can be found and connected with. This is where true transformation happens. This is how yoga becomes a way of life, rather than a practice that you occasionally come to.

In the workshop, you will use techniques to dig really deep within to observe, learn, heal and find freedom. Complimentary journals, refreshments and snacks will be provided.

No prior mediation experience required.


New dates coming soon!


$60 +HST

$50 +HST for Yoga Light Studio Members with an unlimited membership package

$35 +HST for Yoga Light Studio Teacher Trainees

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