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yoga and meditation instructor, reiki master


Amanda Vitaro is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher who takes her students through a journey of meditation using creative movement in all of her classes. Amanda has completed two advanced meditation trainings in India, has trained at the Kripalu Institute, and she is currently completing another advanced meditation training. Amanda is also trained in Living Meditation, a method of meditation that guides students to a way of living freely and passionately through daily meditation and self work. Amanda is also a Reiki Master Practitioner, so she incorporates energy balancing in her classes, as well as at Moon Ceremonies which take place on New Moon and Full Moon days.


yoga instructor


Cassandra’s yoga journey began almost 10 years ago when she took her first yoga class. She used yoga as a way to manage the stress she experienced from school, and to maintain mobility and strength in her body. She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto, and with her background as a dancer and dance instructor, and enjoys incorporating creative movement and room for exploration in each of her classes. Cassandra is also a Naturopathic Doctor, currently practicing out of a clinic in Vaughan.


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Diane practised yoga for over 35 years, and taught for over 20. She was a pioneer and leader in the yoga community, being the first ashtanga yoga teacher in Canada. She also hosted an internationally aired television series called “Breathing Space Yoga“, which helped to introduce Yoga to hundreds of practitioners. In more recent years she focussed on building sustainable and diverse movement practises that moved away from traditional astana towards functional, somatic, and therapeutic science-based modalities.


Diane paved the way in the yoga community for so many across Canada and around the world, including many of the teachers at Yoga Light. Her vision, classes, teacher trainings, ideas.... She was always ahead of the “trends” - if Diane was curious about something, it was likely that that’s where the rest of us were headed. Diane’s integrity, kindness, wisdom and thoughtful way of sharing her knowledge, changed many lives.


Diane’s time at the studio was relatively brief, but it was magical and inspiring for teachers and class participants alike, and just like everywhere she went, she left a permanent imprint.


yoga instructor


Jovita has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, the last 10 years being devoted to a daily traditional ashtanga practice. Jovita completed her teacher training in 2009, and over the years she has completed two Ashtanga Immersions, and numerous workshops with esteemed teachers including Kino McGregor, Laura Glaser, Sarath Jois and David Robson.    Jovita also frequently leads workshops in the GTA with focus on different skills that will enhance your practice including arm balances, inversions, and the jump back and through for vinyasas.


yoga instructor


Lisa has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She began her journey after the birth of her third child. While raising a young family, her yoga practice helped her balance her busy life. She has completed several yoga teacher trainings, as well as specialized Ashtanga trainings. She currently teaches led and Mysore classes around the GTA, as well as specialized workshops and trainings. Lisa embodies a nurturing spirit with patience and encouragement when assisting her students. Lisa has had the privilege of studying with many incredible teachers. She believes that having a        devoted practice serves as a guide to living a meaningful and positive life.


yoga light studio owner,

yoga instructor, lawyer


Nancy has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. In order to expand her knowledge and grow her practice, she completed over 500 hours of training and a number of specialized workshops and trainings. Nancy is now a RYT 500 Hours.


Nancy is a co-founder of Yoga Light Studio, as well as the Studio Director, and Director of its Teacher Training Programs. Nancy is also a lawyer, and she practiced various types of law for over 20 years before taking a leave of absence to focus her energy on Yoga Light Studio and its growing yoga community.  She now focusses on teaching private yoga classes, as well as a large part of the curriculum in Yoga Light’s Teacher Training Programs


yoga instructor


Sheldon is one of Toronto’s most sought after instructors, known for his challenging classes, creativity and commitment to both the practice and teaching of yoga.

A natural born athlete, Sheldon came to the practice with a rebellious and playful energy. With a passion for cycling and a childhood of competitive gymnastics, Sheldon was immediately drawn to the powerful Ashtanga yoga method and began a committed practice in 2007.

Ashtanga’s rhythmic breathing, challenging vinyasa and meditative quality had a powerful effect on Sheldon and the practice allowed/encouraged him to focus and connect to a deeper place within himself. He maintains his daily practice in the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, R Sharath Jois and R Saraswati Jois.

Sheldon teaches vigorous and dynamic Vinyasa classes that focus on building strength, increasing flexibility and he encourages his students to push the boundaries of their own limitations. Known for running a tight ship and holding students to the same standard he sets for himself, his classes are powerful, fun and challenging.


certified pilates instructor, yoga instructor, breathwork facilitator


Andrea is a certified STOTT pilates mat and reformer instructor, CYA 300H yoga instructor, TOTAL Barre instructor, personal trainer, level 1 reiki healer and certified elemental Rhythm Breath work facilitator. She has been teaching in the fitness industry for over 15 years, practicing for over 20. Andreas unique teaching style combines all of her experience and skills to lead classes that always focus on core and proper alignment to lead to a progressive improvement in strength and flexibility. 


barre instructor


Danielle is a certified Barre instructor, who comes from a dance background of approximately 25 years. She has experience in pointe, ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, and hip hop.  Danielle’s teaching style is motivating and challenging, and her classes are accessible to both beginner and advanced students. 

In addition to her deep passion for dance, she is an avid kick-boxer and strength trainer, and she uses these skills to also lead varied group fitness classes. 


yoga instructor


Ivano was first introduced to yoga through Michael DeCorte’s Jock Yoga classes. He completed his first Teacher Training in Toronto and then he travelled to Bali to study with Daniel Aaron at Radiantly Alive Yoga Centre. Ivano also earned a certificate in the art of Qigong through the Chinese Health Qigong Association. His classes often include specially created playlists that inspire and sooth. He views yoga as a way of life that goes beyond the mat, and he is always seeking to encourage people to step onto the mat and see what unfolds.


yoga instructor, performance stretch therapist


Kristina is a certified yoga instructor who also has a background in other energy healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) and Reiki.  After obtaining her YTT certification, Kristina began pursuing advanced trainings specializing in Prenatal Yoga, Yin, Restorative, and Chair Yoga. 


In her classes, Kristina strives to incorporate elements from all of her trainings to offer emotional healing, and support for the reprogramming of subconscious patterns, which can sometimes manifest into physical ailments. Her passion is to help practitioners connect mind, body and spirit in their yoga practises, and more importantly, in their everyday lives. 

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yoga instructor


Throughout her entire life, Lisa was involved in all aspects of health and fitness. After experiencing significant life-changing events, she starting practising yoga and recognized that yoga was changing how she felt, both physically and emotionally, and changing how she looked at life. She soon realized that she wanted to share her passion for this practice with others, and enrolled in her first Yoga Teacher Training Program. Since then, she’s been teaching from her own home studio, as well as in studios across the GTA.  In addition to yoga, Lisa also teaches Barre and is a certified personal trainer.


yoga instructor


Natalie is a Certified Yoga Therapist. She has completed over 1000 hours of training from different yoga schools in Ontario.  Natalie came to yoga after being in a traumatic car accident and has been able to heal her body, mind and develop a greater sense of peace within her. She is passionate about helping others to heal themselves. You can find Natalie teaching weekly group classes all over the GTA, as well as one-on-one therapeutic yoga for which she designs accessible, home-based yoga practices to help people who are suffering from various ailments and diseases improve the quality of their lives.


Practice with Natalie online or in person at the studio, please visit our website for her full schedule. For information about Chair Yoga Teacher Training, please email us at


yoga instructor


Stephanie has been a part of the yoga community for over 15 years as a student, Yoga Advisor and more recently as an Instructor. After graduating and beginning a career outside of yoga, she found herself back at Yoga Light Studio to complete her 200 hour YTT to disconnect from busy work days. 


What started just as a healthy habit lead to a new found purpose and love for helping her students and seeing their progress. She later took an interest in Pilates and completed Mat Pilates 1 to gain a better understanding and foundation to incorporate into her classes.


She has had the privilege of learning from incredible teachers to help strengthen her practice and influence her teaching style. Stephanie comes from an athletic background which inspires her classes and merges strength, flexibility and cardio while connecting breath to movement.


yoga instructor


Avital has been practising yoga for almost 10 years.  She has completed an Exercise Physiology certification York University and since then, she began personal training and leading group fitness classes.  She subsequently graduated from the Kinesiology program at York University and completed a Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has since obtained a Masters in Fitness Science.  


Avital’s signature class is a HITT & Yoga Fusion class which is known to challenge and work every muscle in a fun and inspiring manner. 


yoga instructor & shiatsu massage therapist


David has been practising yoga for over 30 years. He is also a Shiatsu massage therapist, he has used this background to lead unique classes which focus on strength, mobility and tissue softening.


David also regularly leads workshops around the province and the United States including his popular Yoga Basics workshop, and more recently, an innovative Dowel and Self-Massage Workshop that teachers students techniques to soften the muscles and tendons and sooth the superficial nervous system – a necessity for those with a regular yoga practice. David ensures that all of his classes are accessible and yet still challenging for all levels of practitioners.


yoga instructor


Jeannette has been practising yoga for over 20 years. She is a 500 Hour Certified Instructor, and has taken several trainings and workshops over the years which have led to her developing expertise in many areas including Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and teaching beginners.  Jeannette teaches group private classes, with a specialty in Restorative Yoga and classes that help to alleviate anxiety. 


yoga instructor


Lauren has over 500 hours in teacher training over a 8 year period. She has trained in Arizona, New York, and Toronto, predominately in power yoga. Lauren is also a certified personal trainer and incorporates her knowledge of strength training into her powerful flow classes. With her extensive background, Lauren is known for brining the heat to her students through advances postures, arm balances, and inversions. Her teaching style is challenging and motivating, but with her breadth of experience she is able to make her classes accessible to all levels of practitioners.

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yoga instructor,

thai yoga massage certified


Marina first explored yoga 18 years ago, as a way of  balancing a busy family and work life, and has been practicing various forms of yoga ever since. She has been teaching since 2010, after having received her 200 Hour Certificate. She has also completed her Level 4 Thai Yoga Massage Certification, from the Thai Massage Toronto School.


Yoga has given Marina its physical benefits of endurance, focus and flexibility, but more importantly, its provided her with inner strength and  self-awareness.  She teaches yoga because she wants to share her passion for it, and believes that we can all take our yogic experiences off the mat and into our daily lives.


In her classes, Marina encourages her students to do their best, listen to their bodies and respect their abilities, as well as to focus on their breath while they work in proper alignment. Her classes are well balanced and flow with ease from pose to pose, and her passion for helping others inspires her to hold space for fun, creative and safe practices that accommodate every practitioner.


certified yoga therapist, certified thai yoga massage therapist


After working as a graphic designer for 20 years, Risa started practising yoga to help reverse the negative affects on her body from being slumped over a computer.

Soon there after, yoga became much more than just form of physical activity; it became a transformational journey which has been never ending.


In 2010, Risa became certified after attending an intensive Yoga Teacher Training (RYS 200) focusing on Ashtanga Vinyasa practice. In 2015, Risa attended an Advanced Teacher Training (RYS 300) in Costa Rica. Continuously taking workshops and training including a Vinyasa intensive with Seane Corn, Restorative training with Andrea Peloso, Budokon with Cameron Shayne, her practice and teaching skills have progressively grown and advanced.


Risa’s classes offer a challenging and fun filled Vinyasa flow that leave you feeling lengthened and strengthened and ready to tackle the rest of your day with a refreshed mind and rejuvenated soul.


To further her exploration of the body, Risa became a certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner through the Still Light Centre in Toronto. Thai Massage has enabled Risa to share an amazing form of bodywork that is a wonderful compliment to any workout or yoga practice.  You can contact the studio to arrange a treatment!

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yoga instructor


Sheri has been practicing yoga for 10 years and in 2019 she completed her received her 200 Hours teaching certification. She since learned additional meditation techniques to help round out her practice. Sheri enjoys teaching yoga to beginners and those seeking to improve their mind body connection. Sheri shares that she is happy be on this lifelong journey of evolution and experience.

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