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Yoga Light Studio

Moon Ceremonies

With Amanda Vitaro

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Moon Ceremonies
Moon Ceremonies

Time & Location

see Wellness Living for upcoming dates

Yoga Light Studio, 51 Jevlan Drive, Woodbridge, ON, Canada


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These special events are held either on New Moon or Full Moon days, and are led by Reiki Master and Mediation specialist Amanda Vitaro.

The new moon is the beginning of a new moon cycle, and the full moon is the end of that cycle. The moon works in cyclical phases and each cycle represents a full circle journey that we can harness the power of to manifest our deepest intentions and facilitate deep healing.

Each new moon is an opportunity for a new beginning. A new intention, a new seed planted a new goal. It is a potent and powerful time to step into our inner wisdom and gain insight to what we truly desire in our life. Around the new moon, the unconscious becomes conscious, and our spiritual insight is heightened. We plant the seeds, and harvest them once the moon is full.

Every full moon is an opportunity to let go, release, and bring the dark into the light so we can illuminate our shadows and heal them. It is a chance to look back the intentions placed during the new moon, and see how they have manifested or what we need to do to take action. The full moon is a time to recognize anything that may be standing in our way of manifesting those intentions and your hearts desires, and let go.

For each session, please bring a journal and a pen, and other items that you may use during mediation (such as crystals).

These ceremonies includes Reiki energy balancing, journaling, meditation, and Tarot card readings.  Individual tarot card readings are offered at some sessions.

Please pre-register well in advance for these Ceremonies as they typically fill up soon after registration is open.

*Not included with regular memberships.


In-studio participation, $40 + HST

Online participation, $20 + HST

Purchase New & Full Moon in-studio sessions together: $50 + HST

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