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Yoga Light Studio

Movement for Mental Health with Natalie Marnica

Join Natalie for this unique Movement for Mental Health Workshop!

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Movement for Mental Health with Natalie Marnica
Movement for Mental Health with Natalie Marnica

Time & Location

New Dates Coming Soon

Yoga Light Studio, 51 Jevlan Dr #2, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8C2, Canada


Depression, anxiety and chronic stress are long-term struggles.

Natalie has struggled with mental health and knows that it can be absolutely debilitating, and make it extremely difficult to find a sense of mental focus, relaxation and calmness. So she designed this workshop to help others live better with simple and empowering practices that increase mental clarity, improve mood and boost self-awareness. By applying specific yogic tools , mindfulness techniques and small dietary habits people can alleviate anxiety, reduce depression and chronic stress on a daily basis. It is possible to feel better, and the body is a vehicle for that. This workshop incorporates postures and flows that include conscious breathing , chanting and meditation techniques that are selected and modified for the people participating.

What you will learn:

How yoga changes the brain

How to increase energy and combat depression

Simple meditation techniques and how to incorporate them into daily life

How chanting and breathing can be used to manage anxiety

Simple relaxation techniques

Benefits of Practice:

Improved mood and self-awareness

Builds confidence

Reduced anxiety and stress

Increase mental clarity and focus

Stimulate body’s “rest and digest” function (PNS)

Enhance sleep quality

No specific diagnosis is required and no previous experience with yoga is necessary to join.

Participants will be required to fill out a short health intake form prior to the start of the session to ensure safe practices and appropriate modifications.


New Dates Coming Soon!


$60 +HST per person

$50 +HST Yoga Light Unlimited Members

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Check out Natalie’s Youtube videos:

Anxiety Relief Flow

Anger Release

Preparing For Seated Meditation

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