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February 2023


Yoga Light Studio

Yoga Alignment & Adjustments

Get an in-depth look at yoga alignment, deepen your practice and learn precise adjustments that are suited to different bodies and restrictions.

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Yoga Alignment & Adjustments
Yoga Alignment & Adjustments

Time & Location

February 2023

Yoga Light Studio, 51 Jevlan Drive, Woodbridge, ON, Canada


With Natalie Marnica, Sheldon Shannon, Lisa Novembre, and Nancy Salerno

This course will teach:  

• Philosophy of yoga adjustments.

• Learning Styles and how each responds to Verbal adjustment techniques, Demonstrative Adjustments, Hands-On Adjustments.

• How to cue, demonstrate and physically adjust postures in full expression as well as modified variations.

• Hands-on adjustments: methods, qualities of touch, steps to provide hands-on adjustments, positioning and stance, use of props, understanding students’ bodies and how to support growth in practice safely and slowly. 

• Common injuries (hamstrings, knees, sacroiliac joint issues, herniated discs, scoliosis), how to prevent them, and structural / functional limitations in different bodies. 

• Ethical considerations. 

During this course, led and mysore classes will taught by the course leaders who will provide different types of adjustments so that Trainees can experience and feel the information and then practise these lessons. 

Dates: New Dates Coming Soon!


$1099 + HST 

(This workshop is open to all serious students. As well, it is part of Yoga Light Studio’s 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program, and all participants will receive 60 contact hours and 5 non-contact hours towards this certification, upon completion of the training. These hours can also be used towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours.)

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